Moving Phase II + Accepting an Offer

This time around, we’re using a realtor referral from my close girlfriend. Not gonna lie, it feels really cool to have a realtor who is my own age. We’re texting, having fun conversation, and we trust that she knows what we’re looking for.

We’ve have two losing bids so far, but hopefully will have better luck this weekend. We committed the first cardinal sin two weeks ago. We bid on a house that we thought was perfect. We saw ourselves in it, started planning remodels, and lost within 12 hours of the bid. The house was only on the market for 18 hours.

Biding my time waiting for the perfect house doesn’t agree with my productivity addiction. When we walk into a house, I’m automatically calculating how much to renovate a kitchen, which floors need to go, which walls are load bearing. It’s not a good habit. You find yourself making any house work, then feeling bad when it’s snapped up because they’ve taken away your dream.

On the bright side thought, we got our loan pre-approval and picked an awesome Mortgage broker. She’s helped us figure out our financing and has offered us some really great options to make our bids more appealing.

On the selling side, we have a buyer!!!
I feel like all of the prep work we’ve done since November has paid off, but that doesn’t mean that it was an easy road. I specifically started Moving Phase I so we could have an easy buying/selling process, but it has still felt stressful.

We’ve repainted two rooms and a bathroom, did some quick leveling in the backyard, and went room by room updating fixtures, replacing light bulbs, and cleaning carpets. 

The hardest day so far was for the home staging photos. We spent all week cleaning and emptying our house. It was rainy. We had to sequester the girls in their room so they wouldn’t make a mess. It took way longer than we’d planned, and we found out we had lost our first bid. A total downer that killed all motivation. That was when we figured that we were stressed, stretched thin, and needed the mother of mental breaks.

Our Costa Rica trip is coming at the end of March, so it’s been juggle to figure out closing dates and deadlines. What if we have to get an apartment? What if we have trouble with our inspection? It’s also been difficult to juggle two toddlers trying to night potty train and toddler bed train. We have way to many spinning plates and we’re just waiting for something to drop.

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