This is a House Blog, right?

Months ago, I had started to write up a post on all the big projects we’ve done in the last 7 years. Long and boring much? 

So instead, here’s the timeline:

2014 – New Water Heater installed

2015 – New Hardiplank siding installed in Natural
Big Bucket list trip to Rome, Paris and London

2016 – All windows replaced with Thermal Double case windows (22 altogether)
Big Bucket list trip to Japan

2017 – Recovery trip to Hawaii
Puppy Fitz is adopted

2018– A&Z are born
Nursery is done!

2019 – Flower beds installed
Back deck is replanked 
Landry closet is converted to a split laundry/walk-in and pantry
Doorway is widened into dining room
Escape trip to Amsterdam/Paris

2020 – Pandemic Year
Backyard is resodded 
All trees trimmed back
Bathroom lighting and chandeliers replaced/rewired
Vents, light switch plates, accessories replaced
Moving Phase I initialized

Now you’re all caught up, reader.