748BCF7F-EC26-4EB8-B3AE-FC42194D9E37Last Friday was a first for me. I attended an Elizabeth Warren 2020 Barnstorm.

This was a first call for volunteer leaders in the North Atlanta area, a run down of the new political canvassing apps, and the first time I’ve ever stepped into political community volunteer leadership.

I got into volunteering through my high school, and later built on volunteer management from serving on the St. Margaret’s Alumnae Council and Board of Governors. I helped transition in social media engagement, and the importance of frequent event and fundraising communication on multiple platforms. While all this is well and fun, a political arena, even locally, is…scary.

When I was 21 and looking at grad programs, I had a brief affinity for the Political Campaigning Masters at UF. I was chatting with a friend (ex-boyfriend), and when I brought up this program as possibility, he asked “Are you serious? I mean, you’re not political…”.

Yes, this was rife with chauvinism and condescension, seeing as though he never even asked me what my political stances were.

At the time, I reasoned that I was an Advertising major, and political campaign isn’t that different from an advertising campaign. They both are selling a product to a sometimes-resistant audience. They require market research, clear messaging, creative imagery, etc.

He didn’t seemed convinced, mostly because I wasn’t well-versed in post-9/11 foreign policy (even though I’m pretty sure he just regurgitated what his dad and brother actually knew).

Flash forward to now, as a blooming feminist and voter on both the federal, state, and local levels, I’ve decided to back Senator Elizabeth Warren in her bid for the Democratic Presidential nomination.

It is a bit early to pick a favorite in this field, but I actually jumped on her support wagon at the 2016 DNC. I even have the tweet to prove it (assuming an HRC victory and eight more years for Cory Booker to develop in the Senate). IMG_6958

Since this is a big step for me, I would like to follow my progress through this campaign on the blog. Campaign volunteers are not trying to turn you into a Liberal/Conservative, and this blog series isn’t going to do that either. I’m definitely not going to knock on your door if you don’t want me to. In addition, I don’t troll your blog, so I’d appreciate the same courtesy.

Bottom line, regardless of optics or strategy or polling, when I can pick my favorite candidate and not just a person who can beat Trump, I choose Warren.

1,001 day break up

It was pretty easy to calculate. I had just posted my 2nd #101in1001 list, and now I’m back on the blog to prep for my 3rd list.

The period between October 2016 and November 2017 was filled with just that, periods. Troy and I went on a depressing and frustrating trip through unexplained infertility. After we decided it was time to pull out the medium-sized guns via IUI, we finally became pregnant with two ridiculously cool fraternal girls.

Now the girls are closing in on their first birthday and I can get back to writing on this blog, instead of feeling stressed, exhausted, depressed, and wishing all singleton mommy-bloggers would just suck it…

One of the items on my new list is to find time once a week to blog. I’m not really sure about the direction or purpose I want this blog to fulfill just yet. I’m beyond giving people advice just because, and no one needs another “see how cool my life is” social media influencer.

But now that I’ve committed to this project and am over the break-up, I’ll slowly be updating and refreshing the sections of this page, including an updated restaurant list, new photos of our recent home projects, and my new #101in1001 list, fresh from the kitchen.

xoxo, ~Patti