748BCF7F-EC26-4EB8-B3AE-FC42194D9E37Last Friday was a first for me. I attended an Elizabeth Warren 2020 Barnstorm.

This was a first call for volunteer leaders in the North Atlanta area, a run down of the new political canvassing apps, and the first time I’ve ever stepped into political community volunteer leadership.

I got into volunteering through my high school, and later built on volunteer management from serving on the St. Margaret’s Alumnae Council and Board of Governors. I helped transition in social media engagement, and the importance of frequent event and fundraising communication on multiple platforms. While all this is well and fun, a political arena, even locally, is…scary.

When I was 21 and looking at grad programs, I had a brief affinity for the Political Campaigning Masters at UF. I was chatting with a friend (ex-boyfriend), and when I brought up this program as possibility, he asked “Are you serious? I mean, you’re not political…”.

Yes, this was rife with chauvinism and condescension, seeing as though he never even asked me what my political stances were.

At the time, I reasoned that I was an Advertising major, and political campaign isn’t that different from an advertising campaign. They both are selling a product to a sometimes-resistant audience. They require market research, clear messaging, creative imagery, etc.

He didn’t seemed convinced, mostly because I wasn’t well-versed in post-9/11 foreign policy (even though I’m pretty sure he just regurgitated what his dad and brother actually knew).

Flash forward to now, as a blooming feminist and voter on both the federal, state, and local levels, I’ve decided to back Senator Elizabeth Warren in her bid for the Democratic Presidential nomination.

It is a bit early to pick a favorite in this field, but I actually jumped on her support wagon at the 2016 DNC. I even have the tweet to prove it (assuming an HRC victory and eight more years for Cory Booker to develop in the Senate). IMG_6958

Since this is a big step for me, I would like to follow my progress through this campaign on the blog. Campaign volunteers are not trying to turn you into a Liberal/Conservative, and this blog series isn’t going to do that either. I’m definitely not going to knock on your door if you don’t want me to. In addition, I don’t troll your blog, so I’d appreciate the same courtesy.

Bottom line, regardless of optics or strategy or polling, when I can pick my favorite candidate and not just a person who can beat Trump, I choose Warren.

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