101 in 1001

Onward to the next challenge.101 in 1001, Part 3

Start: August 1, 2019
End: April 28, 2022

  1. Create a 3rd 1001 things list 8/1/2019
  2. Sort out and add uncompleted things from the first two lists 8/1/2019
  3. Beat my goal of 41 things completed


  1. Buy a new home
  2. Create a P+T Travel photo book for each big vacation location
  3. Custom remodel elements in the new house
  4. Scan all of my mother’s photos and create a photo book for her October 2019
  5. Create a photo book for Troy’s parents December 2019
  6. Scan/file/back up our photos
  7. Buy a birdcage chair
  8. Take a day to do the World’s Longest Yard Sale
  9. Start a Bullet Journal/Weekly Planner hybrid Passion Planner 2020
  10. Buy our Engagement photos and create a photo album September 2019
  11. Make a wreath 10/20/2019
  12. Buy all new living room furniture
  13. Buy a new (to me) bedroom set
  14. Do an office One Room Challenge in the new house.
  15. Do a One Room Challenge in the girls room in the new house.
  16. Do a Guest Bedroom One Room Challenge in the new house.
  17. Create a meditation space
  18. Host a clambake at our new house


  1. Buy a pair of Louboutins
  2. Get everything on Nina Garcia’s 100 list (23 to go)
  3. Get a second ear piercing
  4. Get a second tattoo January 2020
  5. Color my hair rose gold 8/9/2019
  6. Sort and organize my jewelry collection
  7. Buy a travel crossbody bag
  8. Prep a capsule wardrobe for each season
  9. Do a NARS makeup consultation 8/27/2019


  1. Continue trying to visit every state (13 to go)
  2. Go on another fitness-based trip Costa Rica June 2020
  3. Go on a girls vacation
  4. Go on a couples vacation Costa Rica June 2020
  5. Go on a families’ vacation
  6. Go south of the equator
  7. See a cranberry bog
  8. See a glacier
  9. Take a photo with a Giant Redwood or Sequoia tree
  10. Plan a bucket list trip for my 35th birthday (August 2020)
  11. Christmas in London, 2021
  12. Take Sarah on a Graduation trip, Summer 2020
  13. Stay in a tree house
  14. Stay in a tiny cabin
  15. Start/Update my Japanese travel journal


  1. Read 50 books (7/50)
  2. Half of those books should be books I already own (as of 8/1/2019) (2/25)
  3. Create a stained glass ornament Roswell Firelabs 11/26, 12/3
  4. Buy a substantial piece of art
  5. Create a substantial piece of art
  6. Learn calligraphy (better)
  7. Learn stick shift
  8. Learn to pick a lock
  9. Re-read Portrait of a Lady
  10. Read every Jane Austen Novel (3/7)
  11. Read the entire Dark Tower Series (1/7)
  12. Read the Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide
  13. Read Women in Love
  14. Watch the rest of the 100 best movies of all time
  15. Watch all of the Brat Pack movies
  16. Re-learn how to play Cribbage
  17. See Adele in concert
  18. Stay up all night and have breakfast at 3am
  19. Take an oil painting course
  20. Take an iPhone photography course
  21. Take Archery lessons

Health & Fitness

  1. Bowl a 125 average
  2. Beat my 10k PR (1:02)
  3. Learn to snowboard (better)
  4. Learn to surf (better)
  5. Nail a crow pose and a yoga headstand
  6. Run another half marathon
  7. Take regular boxing classes
  8. Set a Guinea pig list and make it a blog series
  9. Join a women’s hiking group
  10. Run a race on the Atlanta Beltline Eastside Beltline 10K 12/7/2019
  11. Get a retainer.
  12. Go back to regular hot yoga class Hotworx March 2020
  13. Take an aerial yoga class
  14. Join another Masters rowing club for one season
  15. Create a 2-week daily workout plan 3/30-4/11/2020

Professional & Finance

  1. Create a Living Will
  2. Be part of a startup company
  3. Reach 750 Twitter followers
  4. Take a grant writing class
  5. Take another social media marketing refresher course
  6. Subscribe to a professional development podcast and make time to listen everyday. (Being Boss + more)
  7. Instate a weekly blog-writing time
  8. Buy a new MacBook Pro November 2020
  9. Get a professional headshot

For Others

  1. Be a part of the SMS Centennial 2021
  2. Complete another 52-week giving challenge and donate (most) of it
  3. Donate to a Presidential Campaign Elizabeth Warren 8/27/2019
  4. Volunteer for a 2020 Democratic Presidential campaign Elizabeth Warren 2019-2020
  5. Volunteer for the 2020 Senatorial Campaign


  1. Take the girls on a trip for every birthday
  2. Start a must-see pop culture list for A+Z
  3. Finish the A+Z baby book
  4. Start yearly photo books
  5. Get the girls’ passports
  6. Monthly character photo shoots

States to still needing a visit…
New Hampshire
North Dakota
Rhode Island

Check out my first and second lists.


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