#101 in 1001

Onward to the next challenge.

Start: May 1, 2022
End: January 26, 2025

  1. Complete a 4th #101 list
  2. Beat my previous record of 46 accomplished
  3. Share list on social

  4. Girls Two-Room Challenge
  5. Pay off one credit card
  6. Wallpaper the half bathroom
  7. Remodel the deck/porch
  8. Replace all windows
  9. Finish styling the Dining Room
  10. Finish styling the Living Room
  11. Get rid of the hot tub
  12. Create outside storage/play space
  13. Buy a card catalog
  14. Have a no-grocery month
  15. Sort and organize the first aid shelf
  16. Frame/Matte Parks Duffy print
  17. Laundry room organization
  18. Pantry reorganization
  19. Host a seafood dinner
  20. Host a Filipino dinner
  21. Organize the storage room closet
  22. Finish antique dresser
  23. Finish antique chairs
  24. Build a Little Free Library

  25. Buy all new athleisure
  26. Update work travel outfits
  27. Replace all everyday bras
  28. Buy a pair of Black Suede Louboutins
  29. Update capsule items seasonally
  30. Buy a new J.Crew Lady Day Coat
  31. Replace all of my tank tops
  32. Buy a new card wallet
  33. Get a Senreve belt bag

  34. Continue trying to visit every state (13 to go)
  35. 10th Anniversary trip 12/19-22/22
  36. Plan a trip for Troy’s 40th-2024
  37. Start planning for my 40th-2025
  38. Go south of the equator
  39. See a glacier
  40. Take a photo with a Giant Redwood or Sequoia tree
  41. Get Global Entry
  42. Renew TSA Precheck
  43. Napa/Sonoma vacation
  44. Summer House vacation
  45. Fly overnight in a Premium Class Bed seat

  46. Read 75 books (0/75)
  47. Half of those books should be books I already own(as of 6/1/22) – 0/37
  48. Take a gift wrapping class
  49. See Adele in concert
  50. See BLACKPINK in concert
  51. See Counting Crows in concert
  52. Take an oil painting class
  53. Successfully make a pavlova
  54. Successfully make Filipino puto
  55. Get the KitchenAid ice cream maker attachment
  56. Learn how to make fancy ice cream
  57. Attend another music festival (not Music Midtown)
  58. Watch Eternal Sunshine
  59. Read The Odyssey by Homer
  60. Read The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide
  61. Read the Shades of Magic Series
  62. Learn embroidery basics
  63. Do one embroidery project
  64. Attend another Oscar Picture Showcase
  65. Tasting Menu at Lazy Betty
  66. Write/fill in book reviews for all of my Read books in Goodreads

    Health & Fitness
  67. Beat my 10k PR (1:02)
  68. Learn to snowboard (better)
  69. Hit 500 Peloton active days
  70. Take another surfing trip
  71. Set an optometrist appointment
  72. Do a cryotherapy treatment
  73. Work out everyday for two weeks
  74. Try a Laser Genesis facial treatment
  75. Get my ears professionally cleaned
  76. Run another half marathon
  77. Update skincare routine for my age
  78. Do an immunotherapy IV treatment
  79. Buy a Peloton 1/6/22

    Professional & Finance
  80. Create a Living Will
  81. Update my 401k beneficiaries
  82. Reach 500 IG followers – personal
  83. Take an HTML/CSS course
  84. Buy a new iPad
  85. Get back to writing in the other blog
  86. Read Atomic Habits
  87. Go on a blog retreat
  88. Set up a life insurance policy
  89. Buy a new iPhone 4/16/22

    For Others
  90. Make 5 fancy birthday cakes

  91. Take the girls to Disney
  92. Ski lessons
  93. Visit Gainesville
  94. 1000 Hours Outside (starting 4/30/22)
  95. Stay at the Tree House Resort
  96. Do a family photo shoot

Check out my first, second, and third lists.

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