20 Questions

I didn’t mention this in yesterday’s blog post, but it is the beginning of a self-issued 2-week blog challenge. Blogging everyday for 2 weeks is on my #101in1001 list, and it seemed like a good way to kickstart the new site.

I like keeping the About Us section fairly simple, but for an adequate introduction, here are 20 things about me/us:

  1. We’re both half-Filipino and we met at the University of Florida.
  2. We bought our house in 2013, after looking at 40 other houses over 5 months.
  3. I went to an all-girls boarding school, and am currently their Alumnae Association President (until June). My two years at SMS was an incredible experience and I am a huge advocate of single-sex education, women’s leadership and leaning in.
  4. I have a degree in Advertising and a minor in English Lit.
  5. My grandparents had a giant world map where they put dots on all the places they’ve traveled. This is my oldest motivation to travel.
  6. My favorite books are Portrait of a Lady and the Game of Thrones series. Troy loves Ender’s Game and Starship Troopers.
  7. We have a rescue cat named Shorty. He has no tail.
  8. I am a Virgo, INFJ.
  9. I collect Nancy Drew first editions and moonstone hobnail.
  10. I was an early Twitter adopter. Follow me at @CoxswainPatti.
  11. I will attempt to cook anything, and can normally hit it on the head. Except Biscotti…I am terrible at biscotti…
  12. I want to write a book, but so does every English major on the planet.
  13. Coxing in high school completely changed my personality and my life. I went from a wallflower to Napoleon.
  14. I have a multi-volume journal that I’ve kept since my sophomore year of high school. However, I found that the only reason I really write in it is if things get depressing or complicated. Blogging is a much happier hobby.
  15. Troy’s computer is closer to a command center. He could be in front of the screen watching anime for days.
  16. I have a very long bucket list. So far, I’ve gone skydiving, coxed Head of the Charles, completed a Tough Mudder and went to Bonnaroo.
  17. Troy used to be a sushi chef in college. I used to make ice cream cakes at Cold Stone. We like to eat a lot.
  18. Growing up, I used to spend my summer on a ranch in Montana.
  19. We both work from home. It’s pretty convenient and we spend most of the week in pajamas.
  20. We have an incredible trip planned this May, and it is the subject of tomorrow’s blog post. Check back tomorrow!

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