Proof + Pinewood

FullSizeRenderOn Saturday, we went with some friends to a special Proof Syrup tasting at The Pinewood in Decatur, GA. We’ve been huge fans of this restaurant since they opened 3 years ago. At it’s heart, it’s a whiskey bar that serves awesome southern food. They have House Old-Fashioneds on draft and some of the most passionate bartenders and mixologists around.

From their catering experience, they decided to make their own batches of cocktail syrups to save time. Now, Proof Syrups is available to buy in stores in a variety of flavors. For this ScoutMob cocktail tasting, we had three old-fashioneds with each flavor of syrup, which combines the simple syrup, bitters and citrus. Just add alcohol, and your cocktail is complete.


Proof Traditional was my favorite. Makes a really smooth tasting cocktail. There is also Maple-Bacon and Pecan flavored syrups.
Two cocktails in. Officially more than have ever consumed in one sitting a very long time.
Photo bomb with one of The Pinewood’s Owners. He also looks like one of my old crew coaches, so I hope he didn’t mind my incessant stares.
FullSizeRender_1 copy
A free bottle of syrup for all of the event attendees!

UnknownThis post is not sponsored by The Pinewood or ScoutMob. I’m just a local fan…

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