A Full Calendar

1929935_707924271941_9990_nSometimes I think staying busy is the opposite of staying hungry.

I found this in my journal this morning, right after I updated my personal and shared Google calendars. My schedule just got a little more packed, but it’s with events that really matter to me: leadership events, trips with Troy and my best friend’s birthday. This is just to get me through the beginning of June.

I’ve been counting my vacation days, planning trips and I always have my to-do list in hand. With all of this, I don’t actually feel busy at all.

Here is what’s on the agenda for April:

  • Pinewood + Proof’s Good Ol’ Fashioned Evening of Old Fashioned Cocktails. Troy’s favorite thing is an Old Fashioned. This ScoutMob deal was right up his alley, and we’ll be going with some friends. I love Pinewood’s Grit tots, too.

    For Merritt’s 28th, we went to Trapeze School.
  • Merritt’s 30th Birthday. This year, both of my absolute best friends are turning 30. For Mary, we went to Stand-up comedy and UFC. For Merritt, I’ll be flying to Virginia to celebrate with her and her family. It’s also during the National Cherry Blossom Festival, so that will be an outstanding backdrop.
  • Chicago. My next work trip is to Chicago, a place I usually love going to, weather-permitting. I’ve done most of the tourist attractions, but I’m hoping it’s sunny enough to head to the Chicago Zoo. If not, I have my eye on Waffles Cafe.
  • St. Margaret’s! I have a Board of Governors meeting at the end of the month, so that means another flight to Virginia. I have some extra time, so I’m hoping to get to meet with some students and have dinner with my grandmother.
  • Inman Park Festival. This is one of the best events in Atlanta. It’s also where Troy took me on our first weekend together. We started as a long distance couple six years ago, and I would fly to Atlanta once a month. This festival is in an awesome part of town, and has blocks of local artists and great food.

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